GPO Trello Link and Discord Server

Here are the Trello & Discord links for GPO.

GPO has become one of the most favorite games among players with over 532.4M+ Visits since its launch back on 5/6/2018. However, if you are new and want to join the community of fellow players or know all the basic information about the game before diving in, you need to have the GPO Trello link and Discord Server. So, we’ve created this guide to give you these direct links to save you time.

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GPO Trello Link

GPO Trello Link

Here’s the official and verified Grand Piece Online Trello Link:

Once you open the Trello link you will have lots of in-game details like:

  • Updates
    • Update 1
    • Update 2
    • Update 3
    • Update 4
    • Update 4.5
    • Christmas Update
    • Valentines Update
    • Update 5
  • Game
    • Controls
    • The Game!
    • Arena Mode
    • Dungeon Mode
    • Trading Hub
    • [OLD] Trading Island
    • Devil Fruits
    • 2x Logia
    • First Sea Map
    • Second Sea Map
    • Settings
  • Locations
    • Town of Beginnings
    • Roca Island
    • Sandora
    • Shell’s Town
    • Island of Zou
    • Baratie
    • Orange Town
    • Sphinx Island
    • Shark Park
    • Kori Island
    • Land of the Sky
    • Gravito’s Fort
    • Fishman Island
    • Ryu’s Palace
    • Neptune’s Throne
    • Marine Base G-1
    • Reverse Mountain
    • Coco Island
    • Mysterious Cliff
  • Quest Givers
  • Gamepasses/In-game shop
  • Race
  • Factions
  • NPCS
  • Fighting Styles
  • Ships
  • Bosses
  • Boss Drops
  • Event Drops
  • Karoo Race Drops
  • Dungeon Drops
  • Devil Fruits
  • Haki
  • Useful Items

This Trello link acts as a wiki page for the game. So you will find details for everything you need to know in this game.

GPO Discord Server Link

Here’s the dev’s official Discord server link for GPO :

More Useful Links

Here are some more links for you to access more content from this game:

  1. Phoeating YT
  2. Discord GPO Restores
  3. Discord GPO Trade Hub

That’s all for the Trello & Discord Links for GPO. If this helped you, we’ve got many more freebies codes for you on Gamer Tweak. Check out our massive list of Roblox Game Codes and Roblox Promo Codes that you can use to get freebies this month.