Google Testing New “Playables” Online Games On YouTube

Neal Mohan might bring online games with Playables on YouTube for both Desktop and Mobile apps.

Google has experimented with several products before and YouTube testing Online Games might be its latest experiment. Offering games on streaming services is nothing new now thanks to Netflix having done it already. So what exactly is Google doing differently with YouTube’s Playables? Keep on reading to find out.

Is YouTube Bringing Online Games to Their Platform?

Google Testing Online Games on YouTube

Yes, as per the reports by Wall Street Journal, Google happens to be testing the new “Playables” for YouTube. Employees got a chance to test the new product out. The games that they got to try included Stack Bounce. Hypercasual games are an interesting choice to go for as they could be easy to develop and should run on most devices.

Compatibility is an important factor here because the games they are trying will most likely be available to Desktop and Mobile users.

How will Playables be Useful for YouTube?

While this isn’t confirmed yet, one of its uses could be to support streamers on YouTube. These playable games could run ads on them and could possibly reward you points based on your high score. These points could then be used to purchase Live chat messages for Super Chat or to become a member of a channel.

There is also a chance that these online games might be available only to YouTube Premium subscribers.

Again this is purely speculation, and these games could serve other purposes. Or there could be some other forms of monetization involved.

Could Online Games Work for YouTube?

Since Playables isn’t even available for the public to test yet. It is too early to say whether the product will be a success or a failure. The question is understandable because Stadia didn’t happen to work out very well for them.

But this product could be different. Netflix also has plenty of games that you can play on your phones. So there is a chance that Playables might work out for YouTube. At the end of the day, it will mostly come down to how fun these games are and how well the audience receives them.

That’s all known so far about YouTube Playables and Google’s test of Online games on it. For more such news and everything else on gaming be sure to check out Gamer Tweak.