Google Stadia – The Console Killer Gaming Platform To Release In 2019

Kevin Almeida
3 Min Read

Google announced its first Game Streaming platform Stadia at GDC 2019. Before we had seen rumoured on Google working on a Project name Yeti a dedicated hardware or console that can stream AAA games without much effort. Called as Stadia, it is not actually a console but a streaming service similar to YouTube that can stream games. Sounds a bit hard to digest but this is how it works. Google has simplified gaming into streaming and brought us a unique platform that frees us from the burden of buying console and upgrading our PC hardware to get the best resolution.

Google Stadia will be first releasing in UK, Canada, UK and Europe in 2019. It has tons of additional features where it allows gamers around the world to collaborate and connect. Touted as The Future of Gaming, Stadia is promising a lot. For example play anywhere on any screen, it’s like playing a game like Assassins Creed Odyssey on your smartphone. Stadia will deliver the same experience you get on a PC or Console on portable screen.

In the reveal above you can view how Stadia is integrated with YouTube, while watching a game trailer users can click on Play On Stadia button and launch the game at that point. There are maximum chances that Stadia will be an independent client like Steam or Origin. This pc or android client once installed will act as a bridge to connect user and game.

Stadia features Instant Access, Across All Screens, a dedicated controller, Live Streaming and Crowd Play. Along with these the service will deliver 4k at 60fps, HDR, Surround Sound to make gaming a lot more immersive than before. Stadia features are highly promising and viable for users even it comes in a subscription based pricing model or per game charge. It is also expected that there will be a definite fall in the pricing of games.

Do share your views on what do you think about Stadia.