Google Stadia Is Enticing, But They Don’t Have The Content – Xbox Executive

The future of gaming is not a box - Google

Google announced its Stadia game streaming service, a promising platform that will put everything online. It’s the beginning of cloud streaming platform whereas Google is going a bit high by directly taking on consoles with its Stadia tag line – The future of gaming is not a box.

The punch line is good enough to hit the console makers about Google’s plan to disrupt the gaming market by bringing something entirely new and affordable but powerful enough to support existing games.

Xbox Executive Mike Nichols told The Telegraph that Google’s service is technically capable of providing an enticing streaming feature but they “don’t have the content”. Nichols pointed Google as an emerging competitor with cloud infrastructure and a YouTube community, but they lack content.

It will tough for Google to involve with Stadia for long because the company is not in the industry for a long time, he added further. To some extent, the statement signifies the necessity of experience Google lacks in the gaming world.

Phil Harrison who worked with Microsoft and Sony is now leading Stadia, Google also hired Jade Raymond Assassins Creed producer to lead the new internal game developer studio Stadia Games. Google is taking necessary steps to bring industry giants and producers who can give Stadia a next level push to deliver what is promised.

Microsoft also revealed its Project xCloud and Apple also brought in Arcade for its mobile platform. Both are cloud streaming services that provide features similar to Stadia. During GDC 2019 revealed a lot about Stadia, its additional feature and how it will a new era of gaming. If you had missed the announcement or want to see it again and then check the below video.


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