Google Stadia Will Soon Reveal Most Asked Questions This Summer

Google Stadia rocked the gaming world when they announced that they’re developing a cloud-based system which followed Microsoft’s plan along the lines. This new system is dubbed as the “Netflix of Gaming” and will let players use any device to play games without the need for a console.

But since then not a lot has been revealed and in a tweet today Google Stadia announced that this Summer fans will be able to get more information on the pricing, game announcements and launch info.

The earlier test footages showed exactly what Stadia will be able to do and that is bring gaming to everyone, but the pricing has long been speculated and hopefully, soon we will get to know what exactly will the pricing be for this new service that Google will provide.

Stadia has since gotten a leg up against Microsoft’s cloud-based gaming system which will most likely be announced at E3. Google claims they will announce this Summer which hopefully is at or near E3’s dates.

Sony too has gotten into this action by registering a patent which will allow the next generation console owners to stream their games from any device.

The future of gaming looks to be more accessible than it is and the industry is on the upward curve with no end in sight.