Complete Godfall SHiFT Codes List: All Known Codes

Get the list of active Godfall SHiFT codes here.

Redeeming Godfall SHiFT codes can get you unique in-game rewards. This guide contains a list of all the known codes for both PS5 and PC. These SHiFT codes are shared regularly by the Gearbox team across multiple platforms. You need to be quick to redeem these codes as they are short-lived and expire after a certain period. So without any delay, let’s begin with our complete Godfall SHiFT codes list.

Where to Find Godfall SHiFT Codes?

You can find SHiFT codes on various social media platforms including,

  • Royal Fortitude Bulwark Skin
  • Ashengod Phoenix Skin

godfall shift codes

How to Redeem Godfall SHiFT Codes?

Once you get the SHiFT codes, follow the below steps to redeem:

  • Create an account on SHiFT (if you already have an account, login)
  • Link your SHiFT account through the Epic Games Store, Stadia, Steam, Xbox, and the PS5/PS4.
  • Go to the SHiFT rewards page
  • Copy and paste the codes into the redemption section OR access Redeem SHiFT code from the menu while in any game and paste the code.

The only thing that you need to make sure of is to select the correct platform for the codes. The Gearbox team might shortly give out some SHiFT codes, but until then we can only wait. Make sure to visit back to find an updated list of Godfall SHiFT codes as we will keep updating this post as and when we find any new codes for the game.

That’s how you can find and redeem Godfall SHiFT codes. While here, ensure reading how to unlock Zero’s Sword and invite friends in Godfall.