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Godfall PlayStation 5 Exclusive Title Has Gone Gold

The very first title shown for the new generation of consoles, meant exclusively for PlayStation 5, is officially in the gold phase. Godfall, an action RPG title developed by Counterplay Games and Gearbox, starting today officially end the work to move on to the mass launching phase.


This does not mean that the title won’t still receive patches or last-minute updates through downloadable updates already on day one. What matters, however, is to know that the arrival of the game is now certain from the very first day, that is, November 19 (in America instead PlayStation 5 will be released a week earlier).

Below you can find the tweet released from the official Twitter account with lots of thanks:

The title immediately captured everyone’s attention. In good part, because it was the first game to show itself to the public as an exclusive work for the new console (we know that it will also be released on PC), but later, trailer after trailer, the title began to take shape and flex its muscles to everyone, both on the technical and gameplay front.

Combat with white weapon, melee, loot, special weapons and armor, and a very interesting character progression are the main cornerstones of this new title. Godfall is preparing to certainly enter the hearts of many as a title to play at the launch of the new PlayStation 5 console.