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Godfall Gameplay Reveal Looked Godawful

Godfall reveal was the worst reveal made during the PlayStation 5 event, though there was a bit of gameplay reveal shown during the event. Godfall just looks like Warframe with better graphics.

Godfall is set in the world of Aperion and you play as one of the last of the Valorian knights who can make use of the Valorplates and take on enemies. Godfall did not manage to impress nor did it show anything that would make it stand out in any way.


Godfall hopes to bring something new to the looter-shooter genre melee action RPG. The best thing about Godfall will be releasing at the PlayStation 5 launch or very near to it.

Godfall made a huge impression during E3 2019 and it looked like it would be a new take on the tried and tested formula but it looks like neither of those things are going to happen.

Instead of that, the gameplay shows a hack and slash game where all you have to do is cut down whoever shows up in front of you and progress. While this can be fun, there are tons of games in the same genre and it looks like Godfall might struggle to make an impression.


Godfall is being developed by Counterplay Games and will have to pull off a miracle to have a big launch and an identity to set itself apart.

Godfall will give players the option to switch from single-player and co-op, with the launch of the title during Holiday 2020, it looks like the developers barely have time to save and the game and bring something that will make people invested in the game.

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