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Godfall – Best Valorplates Guide

Read this guide to learn all about the best Valorplates in Godfall.

Valorplates are one of the most important elements in Godfall, and knowing about the best ones can prove to be the difference between victory and loss. There are 12 of these in the game, and they are all based on different zodiac signs, with each armor also carrying its own history. Now, if you too are looking to learn all about the best Valorplates in this game, you need not look any further. In this guide, we will show you all of the best Godfall Valorplates.

The Best Godfall Valorplate Builds


Aegishorn – Best Godfall Valorplate

Aegishorn is a Valorplate in Godfall that focuses on both protection as well as power. You can consider the Aegishorn to be similar to a tank. With this Valorplate, damage reduction comes as a given. With this ability, you will receive three insect-like allies that will assist you in attracting enemies. Friends inside the zone will receive a powerful damage reduction buff between 30 – 50%.

Armistice – Best Godfall Valorplate

The Armistice Valorplate in Godfall offers you an additional 20% breach damage bonus. This bonus only increases further during the Archon Fury Bonus. The Archon ability offers multiple improvements to your statistics along with a blast that surrounds you and inflicts physical damage upon your enemies. With this Valorplate, you will also receive an in-built Snowball effect. What this does is enhance tour damage with every enemy you kill.

Mesa – Best Godfall Valorplate

Mesa is a piece of armor in Godfall that is coated with horns. The Archon ability of Mesa inflicts poison damage upon the veins of enemies. To add to this damage, enemies will also receive an Earth Damage shockwave.


Hinterclaw is a Valorplate that focuses on DPS. Just like the Armistice, the damage potential of this Valorplate increases with the enemies you slay. Additionally, Hinterclaw also finds similarities with Aegishorn, by providing you with three creature-like assistance to help fight alongside you.


Illumina exposes the weaknesses of your enemies with the help of a shockwave. The said shockwave inflicts immense damage upon enemies. The Archon ability of this Valorplate also goes further to literally illuminate the weak points of your enemies, helping you focus your attack on those specific points.


The Vertigo Valorplate in Godfall is based on a moth theme. You will be able to deal heavy damage in the air with the help of the Archon ability. To add to the damage, you will also be pleased to know that this Valorplate features an intricately-detailed helmet. As you make your way to the position of attack, you will notice a beautiful antenna spreading out of the helmet.


The Bulwark is a Valorplate that runs on blood. Just like the Aegishorn, you will notice three creatures at your disposal, ready to assist you during your battles. Upon inflicting damage, the Bulwark will result in blood damage. To pile on the damage, the Valorplate will also use its armor to increase the damage.


The Mobius’ design features multiple masks that resemble puppets. The entire aesthetic of this Valorplate is quite spooky and horror-themed. The Mobius places its focus on Void Sentinels and Void Damage.


The Silvermane features a Lion-theme. Just like the animal, the Valorplate too is beautiful. There is not a lot of information about this particular element in Godfall.


The Typhon Valorplate in Godfall features a lot of similarities with Mobius. However, the difference arises in the fact that the Typhon keeps it cool. It depends on dealing damage with Water and Chilling effects.


The Greyhawk is powerful and noble. It features a unique system called Soulshatter. This is similar to an enemy’s health bar. The difference here is the fact that whenever the bar fills up, you will be able to slay your enemy.


Phoenix depends on Fire damage, and its theme is similar to fire too. It relies on the build-up to inflict damage upon opponents.

So there you have it. This is the list of all the best Valorplates in Godfall. As you can see, each of these plates features its own unique characteristics. These characteristics and stats help set them apart from each other. Regardless of this, you can expect great performance from each of them.

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