God of War: Ragnarok Beta Tester Hints Game Will Release in October 2021

According to the beta tester of Santa Monica Studio, the new chapter of God of War: Ragnarok will be an essential game to play on PS5.

The launch of PlayStation 5, as well as that of Xbox Series X|S is practically around the corner. Both Sony and Microsoft home consoles will arrive in about a month on the shelves all over the world.

Despite this, the era of the ninth generation of consoles will certainly not start quietly. The titles at launch are certainly not many for both rivals, however, PlayStation 5 can boast a decent differentiation thanks to its exclusive titles since day one. And in the future? What exclusives will come in addition to those already announced as God of War: Ragnarok?

To ask this question, indeed, giving its own thought to the upcoming Sony console was @RagSami, a well-known beta tester of Sony Santa Monica Studio, the first party software house of the Japanese giant that boasts among its product lines none other than the saga by God of War.

The tweet that you can see above is a clear reference, albeit in a not too explicit way, to the new adventures of Kratos in the Nordic lands that will release on PlayStation 5 with a very different eye from here to a year later. Responding also to a user, Sami declares that: “You might wanna move back or get a PS5 at least this time next year.” Does this mean that the new title of Kratos will be released in October 2021? Well, anything is possible.

God of War: Ragnarok was recently unveiled through an announcement teaser at the end of the Sony showcase, officially declaring its presence and arrival on next-gen consoles in the course of 2021.

To date, in fact, there is no precise release date for the new game of God of War: Ragnarok, at least a tweet of the genre hopes for a definitive release in the course of 2021 (October), thus giving little room for maneuver to possible and future postponements.

It is obvious that the game could still be postponed at any time. All that now remains is to wait and see the evolution of the situation and discover, gradually, what Kratos will have to tell us again.