God Of War Live Action Series Release Date

Excited about the Live-action God of War Series from Amazon and Sony Pictures? Here’s everything you need to know about its speculated release date, its plot, and casting.

The God of War franchise is one of the finest works from Sony Entertainment. All the main titles, spinoffs, and reboots in the franchise is a pure gold in terms of storytelling. The character of Kratos fits so well in Greek & Norse Mythology as if he is a real historical figure like Zeus or Odin. Considering this, director Cory Barlog at Santa Monica attempted to create a Live-action God of War Movie twice. However, the ideas were scrapped, majorly due to market and budget issues.

After the success of God of War 2018, the franchise observed a massive boost. Just before we got to see the epic conclusion in GoW Ragnarok, it was announced that Sony Pictures Television is working with Amazon Studios to make a Live-action God of War Series. Although it’s been a year since this announcement was made, there’s no information on when it will be released. In today’s article, that’s what we are going to talk about.

When will God of War Live Action Release?

As of now, there is no confirmed, or even speculated release date for the God of War Live-action series. In fact, the series is still under development and there is no official update on its progress. But you need not have to worry about it getting scrapped. Santa Monica’s God of War has earned a name for itself in industries beyond gaming. So if it gets released, Amazon and Sony will bag a lot of money. By no means any studio will let this deal slide out of their pockets.

Moreover, the developers now have the budget they need for making this live adaptation. So there should be no hurdles other than crafting and casting perfect characters in the series.

What will be the Story of God of War Live Adaptation?

God Of War Live Action Series Plot Speculation

Knowing that there are more than one story arcs for Kratos to follow, fans are confused about the one that will be adapted in the series. Will it be from his adventures in Greek, or in Norse Mythology?

After scouring the internet, we can speculate that the live-action God of War Series will follow Kratos and Atreus’ journey in the Norse Realm. This is the story arc that fans loved the most, other than the rage-fueled version of Kratos from 2005.

Who Should Play Kratos in the God of War Series?

Earlier this year, Dwayne Johnson was heavily rumored to play Kratos. However, director Cory Barlog shut down this rumor soon after it started surfacing on the web.

As we don’t know which Actor is going to play Kratos, all we can do is make assumptions. Starting from Jason Momoa. In recent times, fans have been speculating that Jason Momoa will play Kratos after a fan-made art of him went viral. But if you ask me, he might not be the perfect casting for Kratos.

God Of War Live Action Series Casting Speculation

Instead, Paul Michael Levesque, also known by his ring name Triple H (COO of WWE), can be a perfect casting for Kratos. Other than him, Tommaso Ciampa is also an equally worthy contender for the role. But if the developers want to make the character look perfect, then Christopher Judge is also a great choice.

That covers everything about this topic. I hope we get to see a God of War Live-action Series soon, maybe next year. For more such Entertainment-related content, be sure to stay connected with us on Gamer Tweak.