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Best PC Graphics & FPS Settings For God Of War – High Performance

Find the best PC Graphics settings for guaranteed high FPS on God of War.

With God of War making its way to PC, players want to know how they can get the best out of its stunning graphics along with a high FPS for great performance. Having the right settings can mean that you will be able to get the absolute best out of the game. However, a lot of PC players tend to feel let down by the fact that good graphics often means spending heavy on expensive graphics card. That is where this guide comes in. What’s cool about God of War is the fact that you can enjoy an aesthetically-pleasing gameplay experience without having to break the bank at all. In fact, in this guide we will show you the best PC settings for this game on your current system.

God of War Best PC Graphics Settings – High FPS Performance


  • Shadows: High
  • Reflections: Original
  • Atmospherics: Original
  • Texture Quality: High
  • Model Quality: High
  • Anisotropic Filtering: High

These are all of the recommended settings for when you play God of War on your PC. Since Shadows feature several new updates in the PC version of this popular title, we recommend you select the High setting. However, if you notice any performance issues, you can always revert back to Original.

When it comes to settings like Reflections, you can even go to Ultra if you wish to. However, Ambient Occlusion can affect your FPS if you keep it at High or Ultra. The same applies to Atmospherics & Anisotropic Filtering too.

While these are the ideal settings for the best FPS and performance, we recommend you also take a look at the minimum and recommended specifications for the game. Once you figure out where your system fits, you can tweak the settings accordingly. If you notice stutters and lag, you can always revert right back to the Original settings and enjoy a smoother experience.

So there you have it. These are all the recommended PC graphics settings for good FPS in God of War. With these tips, you will be able to enjoy the best out of what is a really amazing game. And now that you know all about the best graphics settings, take a look at our Video Game Guides.