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Hogwarts Legacy Gobstone Locations: Where To Find Them

Check out all the locations of Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones.

If you’re looking for the locations of all Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones to get rewards, then you’re at the right place. In the early stages of this game, you’ll meet the local Gobstones champion Zenobia Noke. Due to her winning every game, her classmates hid her Gobstones across the castle. This is a side quest but you can complete it for some XP and the Orbicular Violet Wand handle. To help make it easier, we will mention all the locations of these stones.

Where to Find Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones (All Locations)

You can start this quest by interacting with Zenobia Noke after completing your first Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts class. There are six Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones in total and here are their locations:

  • Transfiguration Courtyard
  • Divination Classroom
  • Central Hall Rafters
  • Ravenclaw Tower
  • Trophy Room Corridor
  • Inner Trophy Room

Location 1 – Transfiguration Courtyard

Gobstone in Transfiguration Courtyard in Hogwarts Legacy

Head over to the Transfiguration Courtyard in the Astronomy Wing. On the roof of the arched stone passageway, you’ll find the Gobstone next to an owl.

Location 2 – Divination Classroom

Divination Class Gobstone Location

Go to the Divination Classroom in the Library Annex area using the Floo Flame. You’ll have to scale the Divination Tower to reach there. Inside the classroom, you’ll find the Gobstone perched up on a chandelier.

Location 3 – Central Hall Rafters

Central Hall Rafters

Once you collect the second Gobstone, head down the spiral steps and take the first left by the Floo Flame. By doing so, you’ll reach a wooden area. Here, you’ll find another Gobstone on a wooden beam.

Location 4 – Ravenclaw Tower

Gobstone in Ravenclaw Tower

To get the next Gobstone, head over to the Ravenclaw Tower in the Grand Staircase area. In the blue corridor, you’ll find the stone atop one of the pillars. If you are not able to find it, just use the good old Revelio charm.

Location 5 – Trophy Room Corridor

Outer Trophy Room

From the Ravenclaw Tower, head over to the Grand Staircase and scale them. You’ll reach a corridor lined with Suits of Armors. The next Gobstone will be on the top of a window opposite the room by the Floo Flame location.

Location 6 – Inner Trophy Room

inner Trophy Room Corridor location in Hogwarts Legacy

After collecting the previous one, head inside the Trophy Room. Walk a bit and you’ll find the last Gobstone on a shelf by the trophies.

These are all the Hogwarts Legacy Gobstone locations. While you’re here, make sure you check out our other helpful guides like How to Get Flying Pages in our Legacy Wiki guide.