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Genshin Impact: Glinting Component (Location & Use)

Know where to find and use the Glinting Components in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact’s Sumeru region got expanded with a new desert region, the Great Red Sand. With the introduction of the new region, no doubt there will be more fun and quests. Thereafter, in the Hypostyle Desert, Great Red Sand, there’s an area by the name of The Mausoleum of King Deshret. Unlocking the door rewards the Traveler with multiple rewards and Achievements. However, unlocking The Mausoleum is not a piece of cake in the game. Unlocking it requires a total of five Glinting Components. It is a quest item found during exploration of the Great Red Sand desert of the Sumeru region. Although, check out this guide that features the location of all the five Glinting Components in Genshin Impact.


Where to Find Glinting Components in Genshin Impact (Location)

Glinting Components in Genshin Impact

Here’s where to find and get the Glinting Components in the game:

First Glinting Component:

  • Use a teleporter and head to the Waypoint in Khaj-Nisut.
  • Further, enter the Khaj-Nisut temple and enter the hole located on the left side of the entrance.
  • After landing on the second spinning blade, enter the door to the back. You will know the door is correct if it closes as soon as you enter through it.
  • Fall through the holes again and defeat the enemies to get the chest containing the first Glinting Component.

Second Glinting Component:

  • Head to the entrance of the Mausoleum of King Deshret using a Teleporter.
  • Move straight wards until you find a hole between dog statues. Further, glide down and defeat the opponents to get the second Glinting Component in Genshin.

Third Glinting Component:

  • Teleport to the lower right corner of The Mausoleum. Now, enter the last floor and move the two cells connected to Hydro Totems.
  • This will lower the water level after which you have to defeat the opponents again to obtain the third Glinting component.

Fourth Glinting Component:

  • Use a teleporter and head to the Abdju Pit.
  • Later, take the last right turn followed by a left turn.
  • There, you will find a Plinth of Secret Rites that will activate the elevator.
  • Use it to progress further until it lands on a statue. Thereafter, use the elevator next to the Primal Ember Torch.
  • Now, defeat the enemies and obtain the fourth Glinting Component in Genshin Impact.

Fifth Glinting Component:

  • Use the teleporter to reach the waypoint at Dune of Elusion. Upon reaching, head towards the southwest direction to find an Illusory town.
  • After this, enter the ruins and rotate the cell in the room to unlock the door and access the elevator.
  • Now, after reaching the bottom floor, wait for the spinning blades to stop and release the Primal Ember towards the Statue.
  • Now, collect the blue prism and take it to the previous room in order to use it on the floor. This will get you Obscuring Cell.
  • Get near the elevator and reach the lowest floor to defeat the Eremites. Later, open the door in the same room to progress.
  • Get the Primal Ember activated and follow it until it reaches the next torch.
  • Thereafter, use the Plinth to stop the spinning blades and release the Primal Ember to connect it with the statue.
  • After this, use the Plinth again to stop the blades so that you can head upstairs. Defeat the enemies in order to obtain the fifth and final Glinting Component in Genshin Impact.

How to Use the Glinting Components

Here’s how to use the Glinting Components in order to open the door:

  • Use a teleporter to reach the bottom-left waypoint of the Mausoleum.
  • Keep moving and enter the cave with a torch outside.
  • Use the Plinth to open the door.
  • Now, enter the room and take a left turn wherein you will find a door that requires Glinting Components to open.
  • The door hides an obelisk used for locating seals and precious chests.

That’s all covered for the location and use of the Glinting Components in Genshin Impact. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Genshin Impact guides.