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Where To Find Gleamy Ooblets In Ooblets?

Wondering how to find and catch Gleamy Ooblets in Ooblets? What are they exactly and how to identify them? Get all the answers in this guide.

Gleamy Ooblets are a specific kind of Ooblets that have a different color. As you may know, Ooblets have three types – Common, Uncommon and Gleam. Out of these, the ones in the Gleam category are very rare which makes it a challenge to find them. When you see a shiny Ooblet, you will be able to recognize it immediately because it will not blend in with others. In this guide, we will explain where and how to find Gleamy Ooblets in Ooblets.

Ooblets: How to Find and Get Gleamy Ooblets

As we mentioned, much like Pokemon, these Gleamy Ooblets are the shiny variants of Ooblets. The name is highly appropriate because they have a constant shine on them – even while they follow you around the town. If you are wondering how to find them, unfortunately, it is all based on chance. There is no particular method that exists through which you can get the shining Ooblet. You just have to know the regular colors of that species and then identify a Gleamy version of it when you see one. It won’t be too difficult to recognize, though, due to its obvious shine.

What you can do is keep exploring Badgetown and continue your hunt for these special creatures wherever they can be found. When you do encounter a Gleaming Ooblet though, you must have the resources that you need to dance against them. If you have those items, go ahead and begin the dance battle and beat them. In case you don’t have them, it will be great if you can get it quickly and come back to catch the Ooblets because if you don’t – you will miss your chance. Don’t worry if that happens because there will be another chance for you to catch them.

So, overall, you have to always be on the look out for a Gleamy Ooblet. With the above tips on finding, identifying and catching them, you will be able to get your hands on these creatures easily.

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