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New World Gleamite Locations – How & Where To Find Gleamite?

Here's our guide on how to get Gleamite in New World.

As the festive season comes closer, New World released the Winter Convergence Festival. This event will run from December 16 to January 11. It includes exclusive cosmetics, collectibles, armors, and weapons that you can buy with winter tokens. These tokens will serve as the currency in the event and can be acquired through Gleamite crystals. So, here’s our guide to find out all the mapped locations to find Gleamite in the New World.

How to get Gleamite in New World?

To start this quest you will need to complete the “Joy Recaptured” quest and visit Winter Wanderer. He will tell you to find and gather the falling gleamite. The locations of the chunks will be marked on the map by the Winter Wanderer. You will need to mine the Gleamite chunks fallen from the sky and exchange them to get winter tokens.

new world gleamite map locations
Here are the potential locations where you can find Gleamite

Gleamite meteors falling through the sky disperse as Gleamite chunks throughout different locations in Aeternum. The meteors will spawn at any random place with no fixed pattern in the night. All you have to do is follow the path wherever you see these meteors. Despite you searching for these chunks at night, it will be easy for you to spot them. Primarily because of their glowing color and texture.

Mine these chunks as soon as you get a hold of them and stack up more of these crystals to acquire Winter Tokens. You will receive a single Winter Token for 10 Gleamite crystals at Holiday Hut in Winter Village. You can redeem these winter tokens to receive event-exclusive rewards and collectible items. So lookout for the bright and colorful Gleamite falling from the sky.

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