Gigantic Hero Tier List (Rampage Edition)

Not sure which Hero to pick in Gigantic: Rampage Edition? Here’s our Tier List that can help you through it.

Gigantic Rampage Edition features all the Heroes from the original MOBA and introduces a few new faces. While the game’s intensity is retained, the huge roster of 25 players may confuse you when picking one Hero. This is where our Gigantic Hero Tier List will play its role. We have ranked all the heroes according to their skills and abilities. So you can easily refer and choose those players to get the upper hand in the battle.

Note: The Tier List below is completely opinion-based, and there’s a chance that you may not agree with it. In such cases, you can always test and find your winning combination.

Gigantic Tier List Of Best Heroes

The following list has all 25 Heroes ranked in different Tiers, starting from S Tier to D Tier. The Heroes in S Tier have the best overall skills and are a complete fit for everyone. As the Tiers go down, you will find less powerful characters than their previous Tier.

S Tier

All the Heroes in S Tier are warriors with defensive and offensive abilities. You can surely test their heart in the battle and find out how effective they are.

  • Beckett
  • HK-206
  • Imani
  • The Margrave
  • Uncle Sven
  • T-Mat

A Tier

As we come down in our Gigantic Tier List, Heroes in the A Tier are slightly underpowered than those in the S Tier. I guarantee that you can pick them up, as they can also bring the fight to the opponents.

  • Wu
  • Aisling
  • Mozu
  • Ramsay
  • Rutger
  • Voden
  • Roland
  • Kajir

B Tier

Heroes in B Tier are only better in the battle’s offensive or defensive aspects. While they can serve you, too, they are not mostly recommended because of their arsenal compared to the above Heroes.

  • Vadasi
  • Charnok
  • Pakko
  • Lord Knossos
  • Oru
  • Tripp
  • Tyto The Swift

C Tier

Next, the Heroes in the C Tier are lacklusters and aren’t usually recommended for any mode in the Gigantic Rampage Edition. While they fail to bring more to the deck, you can select them if you love challenges.

  • Xenobia
  • Ezren Ghal

D Tier

At the bottom of the list, you will find Heroes that are the weakest in the Roster. They don’t add much value to the team because of their poor skills and abilities.

  • Griselma
  • Zandora

That’s everything covered for our Gigantic Heroes Tier List. Take them on a trial run and master their moves for better results. For more related Video Games Content, feel free to navigate our website.