Warframe Ghoul Purge Guide

If you want to know all about the Ghoul Purge in Warframe, check out this guide!

The Ghoul Purge is an event that occurs quite regularly in Warframe. This event takes place on the Plains of Eidolon, and it works as a special bounty mission. You will need to kill the Ghoul population by going through various missions. In this article, we will show you how you can do so.

Warframe Ghoul Purge

ghoul purge warframe

You will know that the Ghoul Purge event is active when you receive a message from Lotus in your inbox. Additionally, you will also find the event in the event-screen section screen of your star chart.

When you take part in the Ghoul Purge in Warframe, you will come across a really big number of Ghoul enemies. These ghouls will be significantly stronger than their Grineer counterparts that you will encounter on Earth. To take part in this event, you will have to keep taking a look at the progress bar. You should keep doing so right until the Ghoul population has been completely eliminated.

Now that we know what the Ghoul Purge is, let us check out the different rewards you can receive by taking part in it.

Rewards in Warframe Ghoul Purge

When you take part in the Ghoul Purge, you can run the two different bounties on several locations in order to get your hands on the 6 Hunter mods. You will only get these mods from the Ghould bounties, Ghoul enemies, and the Hemocyte. The Hemocyte will only be available in the Plague Star event.

As we mentioned earlier, there are two different types of bounty tiers. Of these, the first one will have 4 stages where the enemies will achieve levels ranging from 15 – 25. In the second tier, there will be 5 stages. Here, you will come across Ghoul enemies who will vary from levels 40 – 50.

Quite obviously, the second tier is bound to give you the best rewards in the form of high-level relics. These relics will be up to the Neo tier. You will also get a good amount of Endo. That being said, you can still get pretty decent rewards from the first tier.

Tier 1 Rewards

  • Stubba Primary Weapon
  • Nitain Extract (Tier 1 & 2)
  • Encrypted Journal Fragment (Tier 1 & 2)
  • Hunter Adrenaline
  • Hunter Munitions
  • Hunter Track

Tier 2 Rewards

  • Quartakk Primary Weapon
  • Nitain Extract (Tier 1 & 2)
  • Encrypted Journal Fragment (Tier 1 & 2)
  • Hunter Command
  • Hunter Recovery
  • Hunter Synergy

These were all of the exclusive rewards you will get if you take part in the Ghoul Purge. Additionally, you can also get your hands on the Cetus Wisp & Breath of the Eidolon. The only difference is that these two rewards are not exclusive to the Ghoul Purge.

Best Weapons

If you are taking part in the Ghoul Purge, it is imperative that you only take the best weapons with you as you aim to wipe off the Ghoul enemies. You will be happy to know that you do not need any specific weapons for this quest.

Weapons like the Arca Plasmor and the Amprex are very good choices for this particular mission. If you do not have these weapons, you can also choose ones that are similar.

You can use weapons that would work well in the usual Plans of Eidon bounties too. What matters is how confident and comfortable you are with your weapon. The same rule also works when it comes to picking the right Warframe. Here too, you will come across several good picks like the Mesa. The Mesa is great because you can eliminate enemies at a 360-degree angle too. You can also take the Ember or Nova. As long as you are comfortable and confident, most Warframe will work well in this mission.

This is all you need to know about the Ghoul Purge in Warframe. It isn’t the most complex of missions, and as long as you take the right weapons and follow the objectives, you will be able to complete it with ease. You will earn some amazing rewards too!

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