Ghost Recon Breakpoint Scorpio Sniper Location Guide

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Finding a good sniper will help you a lot in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. a good sniper means high range, good damage and with Sharpshooter special technique you can take down torrents, drones with two or three shots. Even if you had selected any different classes, having a good sniper is an important thing to do. I will show you the exact location to find Scorpio Sniper in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Till now I had not noticed that spawn location of weapons changes, you have to find the right chest and you can unlock some good weapons early in the game.

Scorpio Sniper Map Location

The sniper is located in Lake Kathryn, look towards the north of Map on the west of Sugarloaf mountain. There is a huge skell campus in the center of the lake. This place is heavily guarded, but you can quietly sneak in and collect the weapon. I will share the exaction location where you will find the chest with this weapon.

Breakpoint Scorpio Sniper Location

After reaching Lake Kathyrn try to locate the helipad. There are a helicopter and an entrance into the campus area. Use your done to scan the right building and look near the lake region you will spot the chest near the wall. It is easy to locate, if you are finding it hard then watch the video below. I had pointed out the exact chest location where you get the weapon.

You can also view the strength of this weapon. I had upgraded a bit and used some attachments. It is a pretty outstanding weapon to destroy drones and turrets from distance.