Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Calling All Ghost’s

By Raaj
5 Min Read

Fallen into a sea-locked dead-end, locked with a bunch of drones, armed guards, behemoth bots and above all elite packs of a soldier who calls themselves as the “Wolves” is what you called a “Breakpoint”. It is a next-level game for those who demand action. I consider it a perfect simulation of war, where a pack of paramount soldiers crashes into a lethal island were most likely every moving thing wants to kill you, except the overgrown pigs and other animals.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a great way to destroy weekends after you understand the mechanism well and engrossed in the environment. I am hurt not to have AI Teammates in the campaign, vindictive enemies throw up all their tech gadgets calling up re-enforcement after getting a spot, this is a tough situation. Breakpoint is harsh, it is a game that demands skills and strategy, in-between I thought it will be piece of cake to nosily enter enemies territories after unlocking a few perks, and there I was eating dirt.

But it is also possible to challenge tougher enemies if you think like an Elite soldier “A Ghost”. This means a smart and swift thinker who can take down level 150 enemies at level 0, but with patience, prone camo and headshots. Picking one from four classes is also a matter of debate, but nothing to worry about here, because you can switch to different tactics as and when needed.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a serious platform, and it is right to say that this game has a simple load-out menu to craft your best gears and weapons. The Map is massive, Auroa is not a small place. It is an imprisoned land and you are in the center of everything, another amazing thing about Ghost Recon Breakpoint is that the game does not restrict you from entering into territories of stronger enemies. You can fly off a chopper on a roof of a building, mark down the guards and shoot them in the head. To extend Breakpoint is a good easy-going game, but when things get serious it does get serious.

I see Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint as an ideal open-world tactical shooter game for this year, a perfect addition to my game library after The Division 2. Things are pretty straightforward and clearly explained, sometimes it is tough to get good gears but you have a shop and you can buy what you want. The game is just launched and I am unable to grab a few good friends in Breakpoint, hopefully, I will make a good clan in coming weeks, what to invite me then here is my PS ID – gamertweak33.

If you are new to Breakpoint, then spend some time in exploration, and if you had played games like The Division 2 then Breakpoint will be simple to grasp. Having a campaign plays a big role to understand the core game mechanism that works the same in the multiplayer mode. There are few lags and bugs but I think they are common in many games, a few patches and it will be good to go.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a highly realistic and not-so-simple war game. Being a Ghost you have to think like a Ghost because there is no support. A lot of good items and gears are found in a chest, the upgrades do not push on the path of forever grinding and items in the shops are forgiving in terms of pricing tag. Be prepared to have a good bunch of allies when you are entering into a raid or participating in multiplayer sessions, Breakpoint brings a lot of things to try out.

Campaign, Side-Missions, separate missions to find gears and attachments and a lot more. It is a whole pack of action and endurance.

Be ready to challenge yourself and have fun killing The Wolves.

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