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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Project Titan Might Not Be Enough To Redeem It

Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Breakpoint gets its first big update which is titled Project Titan, it is a raid event where a lot of players will get the opportunity to test their skills. Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Breakpoint did not work as well as they wanted it too which has been immediate addresses by the developers with a statement stating they will make the game better.

The first big update does remind of the raid events which were delivered after the release of The Division 2 and while those were really good, they worked because The Division 2 was a better game overall than Breakpoint.


Breakpoint has far more issues than the Division 2, and while most of it feels empty and without motivation, there is recently a redeemable quality about Breakpoint which the developers can fix.

Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Raid Event is exclusive only to those who have a level higher than 150, which is a clever way of targetting players to rush to the game and level up soon, but this could very well backfire as if any new player gets into the game and experiences the same gameplay as most people did before, they might leave before getting to the raid at all.

While this raid seems like a good idea right now, the success of it will only be seen if a ton of players play Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


We hope this update along with the Raid battles solves the underlying problems with the game, though this isn’t mentioned in the article provided by Ubisoft on their website.

Developed by Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.