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You Can Change Class Anytime Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Creative Director

Pick one from four classes anytime in between the game

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will feature four classes during the launch. All these carry different attributes from heavy machinery to a light load-out for close combat skills. The good thing is that once you pick a class there is no need to stick with that forever till the end of the game. You can change it Anytime From the Bivouac, a kind of resting point in Breakpoint.

Creative Director Eric Couzian during World Premiere Livestream that among the four classes available during the launch players are free to choose and change during the gameplay. They can do this at the Bivouac which will offer them the necessary menu to customize their load-outs and pick a new class to continue playing.


Ghost Recon All Classes

Players can play as multiple classes, the current four we see on the official website is one with a heavy weapon who carries a rocket launcher, the lead character an elite soldier, a sniper and a female character. Shifting between these classes will give add freedom to get new weapons and gears depending on the upcoming missions.

Eric also shared that there will be more coming other than the four classes we will see during the launch, does this means in future content Ubisoft will reveal additional class, can they be part of paid content?