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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Will Have AI Teammates For Solo Players

You are not alone

A few months ago we saw Ghost Recon Breakpoint official gameplay walkthrough where four elite soldiers were fighting a highly skilled and upgraded army. The video breakdown revealed that Ubisoft had planned to drop AI Teammates in the Solo campaign. This made many gamers unhappy, having AI Teammates offers a bit of relief in tough missions and Ghost Recon Breakpoint does not look like a simple game.

During E3 2019 Laura Cordrey, Community Developer for Ubisoft Paris officially announced that Ghost Recon Breakpoint will have AI Teammates for Solo players. The new is a big relief to many players who are excited to have their hands on the game. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a big game and the main antagonist controls trained soldiers who use highly advanced technology to guard their island. With teammates, it will be more possible to infiltrate and complete objectives.


Laura also announced a brand new community program which might feature a reward system. Called Ghost Recon Delta Company, it is a special feature that allows Ghost Recon fans to participate and shares their discussions, cosplay, etc. There are five different detachments with tons of content and a direct discussion with the game studio.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is releasing on October 4, 2014 and Beta is coming on September 5, 2019.