Ghost of Tsushima Patch 1.06 Available Now, Fixes Bug & More

The update 1.06 has been released for Ghost of Tsushima. The official changelog, which, among other things, describes bug fixes, reveals which changes have been made.

Ghost of Tsushima has been continuously improved since its launch. The update 1.06 was released a few hours ago for this purpose and made some further optimizations to the game. It fixes bugs and makes improvements to travelers’ costumes.

The costume is very useful for exploration, although it does not provide any benefit in combat. Instead, you discover more of the fog of war on your travels. Upgrades are possible. If you approach artifacts and wear the costume, the controller provides information. This function has been reinforced with the Ghost of Tsushima patch 1.06.

Sucker Punch also took on the “Large Text” accessibility option and expanded it so that further texts are more readable. The new software patch is rounded off by various bug fixes that are listed in the changelog. You can take a look at this below.

Traveler’s Attire
– The Traveler’s Attire has been enhanced to add new visual and audio cues hinting at nearby collectibles. These cues can replace or augment controller vibration in order to offer a better, more accessible experience

– Expanded Large Text accessibility option to also include additional prompts and objective text

Bug Fixes
– Addressed a bug where users could encounter a black screen preventing progress in certain tales
– Addressed a bug where users could become stuck in some Yarikawa tales
– Additional bug and crash fixes

Ghost of Tsushima was released in mid-July 2020 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Afterward, the Sucker-Punch title was able to dominate the charts several times.