Ghost of Tsushima 2 Already in Development, New Job Listing Suggests

Fans of Ghost of Tsushima can expect more content. A job ad from Sucker Punch suggests the developer has more plans for the samurai universe, with a new Ghost of Tsushima 2 already in development.

It seems that Sucker Punch isn’t finished with Ghost of Tsushima. The job posting for a narrative writer indicates that a new experience related to Ghost of Tsushima 2 is planned.

The demands on the new narrative writer do not sound unusual at first: “Daily tasks will include writing dialogue and text, developing open-world stories, and crafting narrative content in collaboration with other designers.”

The preferred candidate should also have “previous success as a game writer, outstanding dialogue skills, and an excellent understanding of how to tell impactful, character-driven stories within a AAA open-world game.” The possible reference to Ghost of Tsushima follows later in the job description. Because further requirements include:

  • “Desire to write stories set in feudal Japan.”
  • “Knowledge of feudal Japanese history.”

When you consider that Ghost of Tsushima is set in this period – 1274 to be precise – the excerpt from the job posting could suggest that Sucker Punch is not ready to leave the world of the latest PlayStation exclusive.

However, it is far from certain whether the company is already working on a Ghost of Tsushima 2. More DLC, content for the story of Ghost of Tsushima Legends, or even a stand-alone experience like Uncharted: Lost Legacy sounds more likely.

Legends started just a few days ago. The downloadable add-on, which was brought into the game with an update, offers several options for participating in a co-op session. The associated update 1.1 has even more to offer.

While there is still a question mark behind the ongoing work at Sucker Punch, it is known that Ghost of Tsushima can be played on the PS5 via Game Boost mode at 60 FPS.

Ghost of Tsushima was released in July this year initially for the PS4.