CSGO: Does Getting Kicked Count As A Loss?

Check out this guide to know how does getting kicked out of a game affects your ranks in CSGO.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive was released almost a decade ago but the intensity of the game still remains fresh. Moreover, it has millions of daily active players that contribute to the success of the game in long run. Throughout the years, the one thing that twisted the mind of gamers was the CSGO’s ranking system. No one ever cracked out the most precise reason that results in a rank to either go up or down. Meanwhile, one more question arising here is whether getting kicked out of a game counts as a loss or it doesn’t affect the rank in CSGO. Here’s our guide that features some of the major key points on this issue that may clear your doubts once and for all.

Does Getting Kicked Count as a Loss in CSGO? (Explained)

Does getting kicked count as loss in CSGO

Votekick and Friendly Fire are the only two ways that can get you kicked out of a match in CSGO. Although, here’s all the information you need:

  • If the majority of your team’s player vote for you to get kicked out of the match and the team wins, then the records will reflect a win for you.
  • However, if you get kicked out of a team by damaging and killing your own teammates, then you’ll get a loss even if your team wins.
  • In addition, win/loss plays a big role while determining the rank. So getting kicked out of the game and facing a loss could possibly de-rank you or possibly not.
  • Also, the ranking system affects the ranks differently for every player. Sometimes, losing one match could de-rank you, and sometimes it might take multiple matches to de-rank.
  • You get Elo points based on your performance in the match. These points cause you to rank up or de-rank in CSGO. The more the ELO points, the more the chances for you to rank up.
  • If you get kicked, you’ll miss the ELO points for the remaining rounds that were yet to be played.
  • Moreover, you might have to face a temporary cooldown after getting kicked out multiple times in CSGO.

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This topic was broadly discussed in the CSGO community which lead us here. So we can conclude that getting kicked may not always count as a loss but it may affect your rankings in CSGO. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other CSGO guides.