How To Get Xbox Game Pass For Free (2023)

Looking for a free Xbox Ultimate game pass subscription? Check out our guide to find out how to get free Xbox Game pass for your console and PC.

As Microsoft has ended the $1 trial offer, many players are looking for a cheaper or free alternative to buy Game Pass. Since getting a Game Pass for free is almost impossible, you might be looking for other means. With the Ultimate or Live Xbox subscription, you can play hundreds of game titles on your console and PC.  But is there any way to get this subscription for free or cheap? Check out our guide to find out how to get Xbox Game Pass for free.

How to Get Free Xbox Game Pass

how to get xbox game pass for free

Unfortunately, there is no option to get an Xbox Game pass for free as of now. Previously, you could earn a free Ultimate Game Pass by redeeming the Microsoft Program Rewards once you earn enough points. It required 12,000 to 14,000 Microsoft Reward Points to claim a month of Ultimate Game pass for free. But currently, there is no option listed for such. That being said, if Microsoft decides to include it in Microsoft Program Rewards, we will update this guide.

So, players have no other option rather than buying the Game Pass subscription depending on their usage. With the Xbox Ultimate subscription, you can get access to hundreds of games. Alongside this massive games collection, you also get the perks of Xbox Live Gold for online play. In addition, Ultimate also allows you to access game titles from EA Play and the perks of Cloud Gaming. The subscription for Xbox Ultimate costs $14.99 per month.

But if your gaming needs are limited to Xbox One or Series S | X consoles, we recommend buying the Console game pass. At a relatively cheaper price, this subscription costs $9.99 for one month. Similarly, you can also buy PC Game Pass if you prefer playing Xbox games on your PC. This game pass also includes top titles from the EA library.

After many offer trials and deals, it’s a bit disappointing when Microsoft no longer has the option to buy Live Gold, Ultimate, or other subscriptions for free. Nevertheless, buying an Xbox Game Pass is preferable due to its massive collection and Day One releases.  So, do it the right way! 

That’s all about how to get free Xbox Game Pass. If this guide helped you out, check out our more Video Gaming guides for other games right here on Gamer Tweak.