Hades 2: How To Get And Use Witch’s Delight

Want to bring your Animal Familiars to fight against Guardians in Hades 2? Witch’s Delight is the item to help you out.

You should get Witch’s Delight in Hades 2 if you plan to unlock Animal Familiars. This is a very useful item that lets you bring your pets to battle. They help you with their abilities like the Life Bond of Frinos which gives you +20 Life, or the Heart Bond of Toula which gives you Death Defiance and +10 health. These were just two abilities, there are more and the best part is you can even upgrade them.

How to Unlock Witch’s Delight in Hades 2

How To Get Witchs Delight In Hades 2
Image Credits: Haelian on YouTube. Recipe for Beast-Loved Morsel that gives you Witch’s Delight in Hades 2.

You get Witch’s Delight by casting Faith of Familiar Spirits incantation. Aside from that you can also use the Beast-Loved Morsel Alchemy. You need to do a handful of runs before you are able to unlock this incantation. In one of your runs, Hecate will suggest you seek your animal companion. This is when you will get the above incantation from her. In order to cast it you need:

You can get Nectar as a reward for completing an encounter when you go through the door which has its symbol. You can also buy it from Wretched Broker in the Crossroads for 30x Bones. As for Lotus, these are flowers that you will most commonly find at Oceanus. After you cast the above spell you get 1x Witch’s Delight.

The catch is there are two animal familiars in the game, but you can only bring one of them bring as your companion. They are Frinos the Frog, and Toula the cat. So if you used it on one of them but want to change your companion then that is where the Alchemy comes in. In order to cook Beast-Loved Morsel you will need:

  • S.Dust x1
  • Lotus x2

It will take 14 encounters for the cauldron to prepare it. You can get S.Dust from Chaos Trials.

How to Use Witch’s Delight

You use Witch’s Delight as a treat that you can give to your pets or Animal Familiars. Walk up to your pet and give it to them by pressing R1 or RB and selecting it. After that, you can decide which pet you would like to bring with you in your battles.

That is all for how you can get Witch’s Delight in Hades 2. For more help on this game check out our Mini-bosses and Bosses list. This will not only let you know whom to expect in which region but also the rewards they drop upon defeat.