How To Get A Void Bag In Terraria [Guide]

Here is the recipe to craft a Void Bag in Terraria.

With several unique bosses, armor, weapons and items – Terraria has the capacity to thrill you endlessly. However, with so many items, your inventory is bound to reach its carrying capacity. Luckily, the game’s developers have given the players the ability to create an additional inventory – Void Vault. It can only be accessed by using the Void Bag – which has to be crafted by players. If you’re wondering about how to get a Void Bag in Terraria, then you’re at the right place because this guide is surely going to help you out.

Void Bag Recipe in Terraria

The Void Vault is a placeable item that can upgrade your inventory similar to the Piggybank, Safe and Defender’s Forge in Terraria. Once the player’s inventory becomes full, the excess items can be sent to the Void Vault only if you have a Void Bag. Without further ado, let us look at the recipe to make a Void Bag:

Demon Altar

  • Bone (30)
  • Jungle Spores (15)
  • Shadow Scales (30)

Get Void Bag in Terraria

Crimson Altar

  • Bone (30)
  • Jungle Spores (15)
  • Tissue Samples (30)

If you notice, we have mentioned different recipes for two crafting stations – the Demon Altar and the Crimson Altar. If you make a Void Bag on the Demon Altar, you will need 30x Bone, 15x Jungle Spores and 30x Shadow Scale. Alternatively, if you’re crafting a Void Bag on the Crimson Altar, the first two ingredients will be the same but the Shadow Scale will be replaced by 30x Tissue Sample.

Once you gather all these items, you will be able to craft a Void Bag in Terraria. However, keep in mind that the Void Bag can only be crafted after you defeat Skeletron. This is because the Bones that you obtain for the recipe will be dropped from the enemies in the Dungeon.

That brings us to the end of our guide. We hope we successfully helped you craft a Void Bag in Terraria. For more such guides, stay tuned to our Terraria guides page.