Terraria Vampire Knives Guide: How To Get Melee Weapon

Wondering how to get Vampire Knives in Terraria? We have you covered.

2D Sandbox games provide a different charm to gaming. Building your own world just adds to the fascination that such games offer. The gameplay of Terraria revolves around the player’s ability to explore, build, craft, combat, survive, and mine. As you progress, you will be crafting and finding quite a few items and resources in the game. One such item or technically a type of weapon is Vampire Knives. They are a Hardmode set of melee weapons obtained way after the boss Plantera is defeated. This guide will show you how to get these Vampire Knives in Terraria.

How to Get Vampire Knives in Terraria

Get Vampire Knives in Terraria

They are one of the best autofire projectile weapons found in Terraria. While they can deal high damage to enemies, they can also heal you for each time one of these strikes an enemy.

To get the Vampire Knives, you will have to travel to the Crimson Worlds. They can be found in the Crimson Chest inside the Dungeons of the Crimson Worlds. Additionally, make sure you are carrying a Crimson Key to unlock the chest and obtain the reward.

The fire rate of Vampire Knives ranges between 4-8. The range of this weapon lasts till about 28 tiles before it begins to spin and fade. Once it reaches the spin and fade stage, it begins to deal lesser damage.

As mentioned earlier, not only do these knives deal damage but also heal you a certain portion. For every damage that the enemy takes from the hit, you get a small percentage of health refill.

Additionally, owing to the high speed that they travel through, Vampire Knives might break through 1-block thick wall. While Knives hitting enemies do heal you, the ones reflected back off of enemies will not do so.

That’s all you need from this guide on how to get Vampire Knives in Terraria. While you are here, make sure you check out our Terraria guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.

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