How To Get Umbral Obsidian In Deepwoken

Here's a simple guide on how to get Umbral Obsidian in Deepwoken.

The Umbral Obsidian is a material you can get in Deepwoken to unlock the Shadowcast attunement. Moreover, you can also use it to summon a Boss Fight, Primadon. In this hardcore fantasy game, getting constant upgrades is crucial. Because it has the permadeath feature. Meaning if you die, then you lose all your gathered materials and upgrades. Using the Shadowcast attunement, you can unlock a multitude of skills. This guide will help you farm this material to unlock this Shadowcast.

Getting Umbral Obsidian in Deepwoken

Kill Threshers and loot them to get Umbral Obsidian

To get Umbral Obsidian in Deepwoken, players will have to kill creatures like Megalodaunts, Lionfishes, Threshers, King Threshers, and Necromancers. Defeat them in a battle and collect the Umbral Obsidian from their corpse. Following are the locations where you can find these creatures:

  • Megalodaunt: The Etrean Luminant and The Depths
  • Lionfish: The Depths, The Atratel Sea, and The Voidside
  • Threshers & King Threshers: The Depths and The Starswept Valley
  • Necromancers: Minitysra

Unlocking Shadowcast Attunement

You can use the Umbral Obsidian by giving five of them to the trainer in Celtor Wastes outside the City of the Drowned and unlock the Shadowcast Attunement. Then you can learn mantras to cast various Combat, Support, and Mobility moves. Moreover, you can also use it to unlock Active and Passive Talents like Shadow Travel and Singularity. What makes this attunement special is its ability to drain Ether. Meaning if you hit someone with a Shadowcast Mantra, then you will drain their ether and absorb it. This makes it an excellent attunement to constantly apply pressure on your foe. And it gets stronger as you train it using the training item Pure Heart.

Another use of Umbral Obsidian is that you can use three of them to spawn Primadon. This is a boss fight you will find in the Monkey’s Paw region. By beating it, you can get 16 Chests, a Small Chest, and Resonance.

That’s all from us on how to get Umbral Obsidian in Deepwoken. We have more helpful guides on this game like Complete Weapons List on GamerTweak so make sure you check it out.