How To Get Tree Sentinel Armor Set In Elden Ring

Check out how to destroy the chariots and get the Tree Sentinel Armor Set in Elden Ring.

If you are wondering how to get the Tree Sentinel Armor Set in Elden Ring then look no further. This guide will cover where you should look for this set. The Tree Sentinel boss will fight you in the early stages of the game. During this fight, you’ll notice how his armor protects him from slashing damage and fire. You can get this armor set for yourself. However, there are certain steps that you must carry out to obtain it.

Where to Get the Sentinel Armor Set in Elden Ring

Tree Sentinel Armor location

To get the Sentinel Armor Set in Elden Ring, players must head to Auriza Hero’s Grave in the Capital Outskirts. Follow the main path to the eastern end of Leyndell and you’ll reach this location. Once you reach there, you’ll have to solve a puzzle by destroying the chariots.

How To Destroy the Chariots in Auriza Hero’s Grave

To obtain the Sentinel Armor Set, here’s how to destroy the chariots in Auriza Hero’s grave:

  • Go to Auriza Hero’s Grave’s Site of Grace.
  • Take the entrance to the West and move forward till you see a chariot spawn.
  • Dodge the chariot by hiding in the opening to the right.
  • Then, move ahead and wait for the next chariot to come to you.
  • Run ahead as soon as the chariot moves away and then enter another opening to dodge. Then, make your way ahead.
  • At the end of this ramp, take a right and you’ll see two chariots moving in opposite directions.
  • Dodge them by listening to the audio cues or turning the camera around to look.
  • As you reach the end of these chariot lanes, you’ll notice a drop to the left.

Drop down beam to get Tree Sentinel Armor

  • Line yourself with the body on the ground and drop down on the beam below.
  • Drop to the lowest beam and head south.
  • If you are on the left beam, make sure to dodge the skeleton in front of you.
  • Take the stairs in the room behind the skeleton and on the top, you’ll find an exit.
  • Go near that exit and wait for the chariot to pass.
  • Then get out and climb up from where the chariot came.
  • To the right, you’ll find a room with a fire-spitting pillar.
  • Dodge the fire by timing your entrance and then, hit the pillar.
  • Once the pillar moves up, head back to the Site of Grace. If you’re not concerned about your runes then run into a quick death to teleport back.
  • Then, return to the double chariot room and they will destroy each other.
  • Once the chariots destroy each other, they’ll drop the Tree Sentinel Armor Set and the Holy Ground Ash of War.

That’s all from us on how to get the Tree Sentinel Armor Set in Elden Ring. For more such content like How to Get Sun Realm Shield, make sure you visit our Elden Ring section.