Elden Ring: How To Get To Hermit Village & Shack Location

Trying to get to the Hermit Village or the Merchant Shack in Elden Ring? Keep reading this guide as it will help you out.

When playing Elden Ring, you will eventually need to go to the Hermit Village and Merchant’s Shack so it is important you know how to get there. This village is home to one of the most powerful spells in the game. There is also an optional boss that you can fight here. So without further ado let us check how to get to Hermit Village in Elden Ring and learn the Merchant Shack’s location.

How to Get to the Hermit Village

how to get to hermit village in elden ring and location
Image Credit: EternityInGaming on YouTube

You can get to the Hermit Village from Seethewater Terminus site of Grace. This is one of the fastest ways to get to the village now let us check the exact steps for it.

  1. Go to the Seethewater Terminus site of Grace. You can directly fast travel there if you have the site unlocked.
  2. From here take a left towards the south and keep moving. Here, you will see several guards, and barricades you can fight them or run past them.
  3. This should bring you towards the lake of lava.
  4. Once here follow the natural path of the lava lake. If you are following the steps correctly mentioned so far, then you should be heading east.
  5. Now, keep going east. Eventually, you will see another set of barricades. From here make a slight turn towards the north.
  6. As you keep progressing, you will reach the Hermit Village.

Since you are in the village you should definitely get Comet Azur. One of the most powerful sorceries in the game.

Hermit Shack Location in Elden Ring

elden ring how to get to hermit merchant shack and location
Image Credit: Scott Reed on YouTube
  1. Fast Travel to Forest-Spanning Greatbridge site of grace.
  2. Here you will find a teleport. Use it to teleport yourself to Altus Plateau.
  3. Once there follow the tiled path below.
  4. You can fight or ignore the foes on the way.
  5. As you follow the path you will get to an area covered with barricades.
  6. Keep following the path and you will reach Capital Outskirts.
  7. Use the site of grace if needed.
  8. From the site of grace turn back and head east.
  9. You will find a stairway path.
  10. Go up and turn towards the east.
  11. Here you will find a road going straight. After getting above the stairway take first left towards west.
  12. Keep heading west and you will reach the Hermit Merchant’s Shack site of grace. This is the location of the Merchant’s Shack.

That sums up this guide on how to get to hermit village in Elden Ring and the Hermit Merchant’s Shack Location. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our Elden Ring section for similar guides like this.