Animal Well: How To Unlock The Top (Uses Explained)

Are you a completionist? You should definitely get yourself the Top in Animal Well.

If you are on the hunt for every item, you should get the Top in Animal Well. This is a very important item that you will especially need if you are looking to 100% the game. Its main purpose is to break the areas which are accessible but you cannot enter by normal means. However, it isn’t exactly available for you to go and pick up. So here is what you need in order to unlock the Spinning Top in this game.

How to Get the Top in Animal Well

How To Get The Top In Animal Well
Image Credits: Skryux on YouTube. Go to the third floor in the Egg Room to get the Top in Animal Well.

You need 32 eggs to open the door which has the chest that contains the Top. As such you need to explore each and every area of the map especially after you find new items like the Bubble wand that make exploration easier or allow you to reach new places. Assuming you have collected the needed amount, here is what you do next:

  1. Go to the Peacock room which has a shelf that shows egg collection in the background.
  2. Once you reach here and have 32 eggs you will see the door to the third floor on the top left side automatically open.
  3. Use your Bubble Wand to make bubbles and use them as platforms to reach the floor.
  4. Go left and you will find a chest.
  5. Open it and you will get the Top.

How to Use the Top

As mentioned before, the Top tool can be used to destroy floors and reach the hidden areas. The floors will look destructible as they have cracks. Whenever you come across one such area you simply have to open your tool inventory and select the Top. Now launch it on the floor. It should break it to reveal a new region for you to explore.

That is pretty much everything on how you can get and use the Top in Animal Well. If you are interested in this game you should also check out our guide on how to get the UV lantern. This is another useful tool much like the Top. Also, check out how you can break glass blocks.