How To Get Technique Shards In Anime Last Stand

Want to learn how you can stock up on Technique Shards in Anime Last Stand? Our guide will help you understand how you can earn this special currency.

If you have already collected Spirit Shards to evolve Gojo, you must wonder how to get your hands on Technique Shards in Anime Last Stand. However, this item is more than a mere resource. It is used as a currency. Furthermore, this currency can be used to apply and reroll Techniques. Techniques are the abilities and buffs that can be applied to your units. Therefore, if you are looking for a few easy ways to earn this unique currency quickly, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Earn Technique Shards in Anime Last Stand

How To Earn Technique Shards In Anime Last Stand
Image Credits – luckylof! on YouTube

There are two prominent methods of obtaining this currency in Anime Last Stand. You can either complete quests and earn these Shards or purchase them by spending Robux.

If you want to earn Technique Shards through quests, you can open the ‘Quests‘ option, which is located towards the left side of the screen. Here, you can check all the quests you have to complete. Alternatively, players can attempt all the Story mode missions to earn this currency as a reward upon completion.

However, if this method is too time-consuming, you can earn these Shards by spending Robux. To do this, you will have to interact with the Techniques NPC. Here’s the amount of Technique Shards you can get by spending Robux –

  • 139 Robux – 1 Shard
  • 999 Robux – 10 Shards
  • 2,299 Robux – 25 Shards
  • 4,499 Robux – 50 Shards

Once you have earned a considerable amount, you can use this currency to roll or reroll Techniques and apply them to your units to enhance their abilities and skills.

We have covered everything you need to know about obtaining Technique Shards in Anime Last Stand. You can also learn about evolving Drip Zami and how you can unlock all Celestial units. Also, make sure to browse through our Anime Last Stand codes guide and use them to unlock unique rewards.