Coin Master: How To Get Team Chest

The various treasure chests in the game always grant wholesome rewards to the players. However, now the stakes are higher as players are aiming to get the team chest in Coin Master. Unlike other chests, you can’t open one at any time. You have to participate in an event, when it airs, and give your best along with your team. If you haven’t formed or joined a team yet, it is about time you did. In this guide, we have explained in detail about how to collect team chest in Coin Master.

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How to Collect Team Chest in Coin Master

Get Team Chest in Coin Master

In order to participate in the team chest event, your team has to collect the required amount of a certain item to qualify. Once your team is qualified, you will get various missions.

Now, your team has to try and complete each mission before the event ends. Every mission that you complete will get you stars. Likewise, every player in the team has to play one’s part and push the team towards victory.

Your team has to accumulate the required number of stars to fill the progress bar to the brim. Once the bar is filled, you can collect the team chest in Coin Master.

Once the event ends, players can check their individual contributions and collect the rewards accordingly. In this manner, with a collective effort, your team can collect the exclusive rewards from the chest.

Players must keep in mind that they can only open one team chest per event. So, if you have already collected your rewards and then switch teams, you won’t be able to open the team chest the second time.

Also, if a player switches teams during the event, the stars that one has collected will not be transferred.

That’s all about how to get team chest in Coin Master. If you found this guide helpful, check out more such guides on Coin Master right here on Gamer Tweak.