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Blox Fruits: How To Get Superhuman Fighting Style

Here's how to get the Superhuman fighting style in Blox Fruits.

Among the different fighting styles in this game, there’s Superhuman. Many are wondering how to get Superhuman in Blox Fruits because as the name suggests, it needs intense dedication and focus to unlock it. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Since this fighting style is perfect for PVP, let’s take a look at how to unlock it.


How to Get Superhuman in Blox Fruits?

  • Players need 300 Mastery on 4 other Fighting styles of Electric, Dark Step, Dragon Breath and Water King Fu.
  • You also need to collect $3,000,000 in-game money.
  • Lastly, you should have already unlocked the Second Sea.

How to Unlock Dragon Breath

Talk to Sabi, the NPC, to learn the Dragon Breath fighting style by trading 1500 Fragments. Players can find Sabi near a grey wall in the Kingdom of Rose.

How to Unlock Dark Step

Learn this fighting style from the Dark Step Teacher by paying 150,000 in-game cash. His location is in Pirate Village, near the Rich Man. But apart form this, you can also find him at Hold and Cold in Second Sea and in the Castle on the Sea in Third Sea.

How to Unlock Water Kung Fu

Players need $750,000 in-game cash to buy the Water Kung Fu fighting style from the Water Kung Fu teacher. He will be present in the Hot and Cold island in Second Sea and Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea.


How to Unlock Electric

You can purchase this fighting style from the Mad Scientist for $500,000. His location is the in Hot and Cold island in Second Sea and Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea.

As soon as you have fulfilled all of these unlock conditions, you must go to the Second Sea to talk to the Martial Arts Master. He will be present in a cave inside the Snow Mountain so make your way there right away.


How to Get to the Martial Arts Master in Snow Mountain

snow mountain location blox fruits

  • To reach him, first find the Snow Quest Giver and take the wooden bridge.
  • After the bridge ends, the road will diverge into two. Take the left road.
  • Keep going straight until you fall down to a grassy area.
  • There should be an entrance between some white textured walls and you should find a small doorway inside.
  • Go further inside and you will meet the teacher.
  • Talk to him until he asks you whether you want to buy this fighting style for $3,000,000. This style allows you to destroy your opponents’ body with powerful attacks and has 3 special skills.
  • Click on Learn and that’s how you can get Superhuman in Blox Fruits.

Superhuman Moves

There are 3 Moves included in the Superhuman fighting style:

  • Beast Owl Pounce (Default key Z) – 8 seconds cooldown – Mastery 110
  • Thunder Clap (Default key X) – 10 seconds cooldown – Mastery 220
  • Conqueror Gun (Default key C) – 15 seconds cooldown – Mastery 330

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