Minecraft: How To Get String

Here are the ways to get Strings in Minecraft easily.

As we all know Minecraft is one of the highest-selling games globally. Every day new players are engaging in exploring the world to mine and craft new things to survive. If you’re also a newcomer and don’t know how to get String in Minecraft then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How to Craft & Make String in Minecraft

How To Get String Minecraft

There are various ways you can obtain String in Minecraft. For your reference, we’ve mentioned all the methods in the article below.

  • Killing Spiders
  • Fishing
  • Cobwebs
  • Bartering
  • Cats
  • Looting

These were all the ways to obtain strings in the game. For a better understanding let’s get into the details of these methods.

Killing Spiders – Craft String Minecraft

  • Killing Spiders is one of the most common and easy ways to get String in the game.
  • You simply have to take out your Sword and keep hitting the spider until it turns red.
  • Once the spider is dead you can go ahead and collect the Strings easily.


  • Players can always go for some Fishing in the game.
  • However try fishing for some Junk because that’s how you’ll find some Strings in the game.
  • If you haven’t crafted a Fishing Rod yet, then make it by using 3x sticks + 2x Strings.


  • Breaking the Cobwebs can also get you a bunch of Strings.
  • As soon as you come across one, go on and break it with your Sword, Piston or simply spill Water over it.
  • However don’t make the mistake of using Lava to break it, because it’ll surely damage the Strings and will leave you with nothing.
  • After breaking them go to your Crafting Table and craft 9 Strings from 1 Cobweb.


  • If you can’t wait to get the String in the game, then Barter it with the Piglin who’s looking for Gold Ingots.
  • Players will have to give Gold Ingot to the NPC and he’ll trade it for various things, which includes lots of Strings.


  • If you have Cats around, then they can also gift a number of Strings to you every now and then.
  • They’re also useful to mine many other things in the game. So go on and tame a cat if you haven’t yet.


  • Another way to get Strings quickly in Minecraft is by Looting. However be careful while doing it, you never know with whom you might come across. Players can loot places like,
    • Jungle Temples
    • Desert Pyramid Chests
    • Dungeons

These are all the ways from which you can get Strings in Minecraft easily. If you’re wondering what it can be used for, then scroll down and you’ll have your answers.

What is String used for in Minecraft?

Here’s a list of things that you can craft by using Stings and other materials in the game.

  • 3x Stick + 3x String = Bow
  • 1x String + 1x Honeycomb = Candle
  • 6x Rabbit Hide + 2x String = Bundle
  • 3x stick + 2x String = Fishing Rod
  • 3x Stick + 1x Iron Ingot + 2x String + Tipwire Hook = Crossbow
  • 2x String + 2x Plank = Loom
  • 6x Bamboo + 1x String = Scaffolding
  • 3x String + 1x Slimeball = Lead
  • 4x String = White Wool

These are all the items and weapons you can make using String with other materials in the game. While you’re here take a look at other Minecraft game guides for more tips & tricks.