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How To Get Soul Of Night In Terraria

Here are all the locations to find & get Soul Of Night in Terraria easily.

As we all know, Terraria is all about crafting, fighting, & digging. However, in order to do all of the adventures, you’ll first need to start crafting and get stronger. When it comes to crafting, many players start struggling with the ingredients & recipes. That’s because the materials are not that easy to farm and get. One of the unique items which are pretty difficult to farm is the Soul of Night. This item is non-craftable and used in crafting various important items in the game. If you’re on the hunt to get Soul of Night in Terraria but unable to obtain it, then we’re here to help.

Where to Find Soul of Night in Terraria? (Locations)

How To Get Soul Of Night Terraria

In order to find Soul of Night in Terraria players will have to head to the Hardmode. And then, kill the enemies found in the underground of Corruption and Crimson biome, especially in the Cavern layer. However, the drop rate in Hardmode is about 20% and 36% in the Expert mode. It might seem easy to defeat these enemies but it is surely pretty tiring. As mentioned earlier Soul of Night is a non-craftable item, so gear up and start farming it in the game.

This is how you can find & get Soul of Night easily. If you’re wondering what are the uses of this item, then scroll down for answers.

Soul of Night Uses (List of Craftable Items)

Here’s a list of all items you can craft by using the Soul of Night in Terraria.

  • Suspicious Looking Skull
  • Key of Night
  • Decay Chamber
  • Flesh Cloning Vat
  • Demon WingsCursed Flames
  • Golden Shower
  • Soul of Night in a Bottle
  • Cool Whip
  • Dao of Pow
  • Mechanical Skull
  • Mechanical Worm
  • Neptune’s Shell
  • Onyx Blaster
  • Spirit Flame
  • Logic Sensor (Night)
  • Magical Harp

This is all you need to know about how to get & use Soul of Night in Terraria. While you’re here check out how you can stop corruption in the game.