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How To Get Sora In Smash Ultimate

In this guide, you'll learn how to get Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Sora has finally been added to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster as the final fighter. While you have 81 other playable characters to choose from, Sora is among the most desired characters in-game. In this guide, you’ll learn how you can get Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

How to Get Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate


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You can get Sora in Smash Ultimate for $5.99 as a standalone character or you can choose the Fighters Pass Vol 2 that you can get for 29.99$. Remember that you need to pre-order the Fighters Pass Vol 2 and in addition to Sora, you’ll get 5 more challenger packs as they release. Furthermore, you can purchase Sora as an individual DLC only once the challenger pack is released. Sora becomes available in-game on October 18th, 2021, and you can wait until then if he is all you want. Masahiro Sakurai revealed how Sora was specifically the most requested character via a ballot more than half a decade ago. While this may mark the end of DLC player content, the game certainly isn’t just ending yet. With the addition of Sora, you can be sure to get more competitive in Super Smash Bros Ultimate really soon.

How to Get Sora for Free in Smash Ultimate?


Sadly, there’s no current way to get Sora for free in Smash Bros Ultimate. The only way you can get him is by making a purchase.

How Strong Is Sora and What Are His Moves?

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Sora comes as an airborne fighter with timely attacks. However, he does have the disadvantage of weight. Here’s more on Sora and all his moves.

Move Category Move
Three-Hit Combo
Normal Up Tilt
Normal Down Tilt
Normal Side Smash
Normal Up Smash
Down Smash
Normal Back Air
Normal Up Air
Normal Down Air
Forward Throw
Backward Throw
Normal Up Throw
Normal Down Throw
Neutral Special
Side B (Sonic Blade)
Up B (Aerial Sweep)
Down B (Counterattack)
Final Smash/Ultimate
Sealing the Keyhole


That’s all there is to know about how to get Sora in this beloved Nintendo title. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. With his addition to Smash Ultimate, will there be any changes to the other players? Here’s our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Tier List to help you out.