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How To Get Siluria’s Tree In Elden Ring

Easiest way to get Siluria's Tree in Elden Ring.

Be it weapons, characters, gameplay or boss fights, Elden Ring kills it in everything. Speaking of weapons, Siluria’s Tree steals the limelight. This guide will show you how to get Siluria’s Tree in Elden Ring.

What is Seluria’s Tree in Elden Ring?


nameless eternal city in elden ring

Seluria’s Tree is a ridiculously powerful spear which can enhance your character’s power drastically. Many other weapons in the game pale in comparison to Siluria’s Tree. The stats of this weapon, used by one of the most ferocious Crucible Knights, are:

  1. Physical Attack – 90
  2. Holy Attack – 90
  3. Critical Attack – 100
  4. Physical Defence – 46
  5. Magic Defence – 36
  6. Fire Defence – 36
  7. Light Defence – 36
  8. Holy Defence – 55
  9. Guard Boost – 38
  10. Strength Required – 27
  11. Dexterity Required – 13
  12. Faith Required – 20


These stats of Sirulia’s Tree clarify that it is a magical weapon with overall balanced capabilities. Though the actual reason why everyone wants this spear is not its stats but the special attack that can turn your opponents’ world upside down. When used, this spear thrusts the foe with a circular aura around it that looks incredible. Also, this is one of those extremely rare spears that can deal area damage which, usually, is not the area of expertise for such weapons. Why wouldn’t someone want such a mind-boggling staff for themselves? No idea how to get your hands on it? Luckily you are at the right place.

Where can you Find Seluria’s Tree?

how to find crucible knight siluria


Siluria’s Tree can be found with the Crucible Knight Siluria in the Deeproot Depths, before the great Erdtree in the Royal Capital. To get there quickly, start from the site of grace in The Nameless Eternal City. From there, head in the northwest direction and you will come across a Spiritspring. That Spiritspring can be used to get to the mountain in front of you. That’s where Siluria is waiting for you.

How to Get Siluria’s Tree in Elden Ring

special attack of siluria's tree


spiritspring to get to crucible knight siluria

Getting Siluria’s Tree is just as difficult as the vast latent potential this spear has. You must defeat a certain boss to take this weapon from him. Who is this boss? One of the Crucible Knights you will face in the game and to be honest, he ranks among the most brutal optional bosses in the game. Even so, you can be victorious in this fight by following these strategies and tips:

  1. High Character Level: No matter how eager you are, going into a fight without preparing is not just a mistake, it’s a blunder. Make sure that before engaging in a battle with this ruthless foe, your character is at least level 80. Level 80 is the minimum level which may make things a bit easier for you but remember…the higher, the better.
  2. High Level Weapon: Using high levelled weapons goes without saying. You can’t kill Godzilla with a baseball bat, right? Do not even think of trying anything without a level 15 or higher weapon. Lower level weapons will have little or no effect on Siluria.
  3. Use A Shield: Now this is the most important strategy which, if executed properly, will obliterate Siluria easily. Carrying a shield with a weapon of your choice is the way to go. Try using a shield with 100 physical guard and it should also has the parry ash of war or the stormwall. When you first see Siluria and she comes towards you to attack, prepare yourself to dodge a few of her blows. Then just wait till she uses the special move that Siluria’s Tree is famous for, the charge attack that thrusts the foe. As soon as Siluria lifts her spear and you see wind starting to rotate around it, press the parry button. This will deflect her attack and if you time your move correctly, her own attack will stun and damage her. It will also give you the perfect time to keeo attacking her. Though being defensive is recommended, if you think you can manage to deal her more damage, then keep going or else, even a few hits every now and then will do the trick.
  4. Heal Your Character While Maintaining Distance: It is inevitable to get hit by Siluria even once and even a single blow from her can be really dangerous for you. So, if you feel like healing your character during the fight, first get away from her and make sure she is not coming towards you in that very moment. You can easily heal your character in this way.
  5. Use Minimum Animation Attacks: Do you know why is it easy to attack Siluria during her charging attack? It is because of the long animation that leaves her open to attacks. The same is applicable in your case too. If you keep using attacks which have higher animation time, Siluria will attack you even before your move comes to an end. So even using small and low damaging attacks is better than those fancy animations.

Till now, we have explained you in detail where and how to find Siluria’s Tree in Elden Ring. Just go through the strategies mentioned above and with some practice, defeating Siluria will be a piece of cake for you. That’s pretty much it for this guide; make sure to get Siluria’s Tree and it will, most probably, become your favorite weapon.