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How to Get Shiny Psyduck During Pokémon Go Animation Week 2020

Here are all tasks that you need to complete to get Shiny Psyduck during Animation Week 2020.

Every Pokemon Go players know how crucial role shiny Pokemon plays in the game. And that’s the reason why every player wants to have every single one but getting shiny Pokemons are not easy because of their rarity.


There are some occasions on which you can easily get Shiny Pokemon and that’s the case right now. If anything to go by online reports, you can easily get Shiny Psycuk during Animation Week 2020, which is scheduled to begin from today (November 6, 2020).

In our previous guide, we have mentioned all Pokemon Go Animation Week 2020 Research Tasks and rewards players will be getting for taking part in the event.

Pokemon Go: How to get Shiny Psyduck

There are some reports claiming that getting shiny Psyduck has become a lot easier during Animation Week 2020 (November 6 – 12), but you still have to encounter plenty of creatures to get your hands on the ultra-rare variant of that species.

But if reports turn true, to get shiny Psyduck during Animation Week 2020, you will have to complete a few of the steps in the Timed Research. There are 11 Stages in Animation Week 2020 event.

Stage 7 is the key step. Upon completing all the three tasks given in Stage 7, you will get not only Psyduck but 500 Stardust, and 500 XP as well.


Here are all the three tasks that you will have to complete in Stage 7:

  • Hatch an Egg for a Tentacool encounter.
  • Spin three PokéStops or Gyms for a Piplup encounter.
  • Spin three PokéStops or Gyms for a Croagunk encounter.

If you want to know everything about Pokemon Go Animation Week 2020 event then stay tuned to Gamer Tweak. What part of this event are you most excited for? Do let us know in the comment section below.