FPS Chess: How To Get Shiny Pieces

Wondering how to get and use Shiny Pieces in FPS Chess? Follow the steps given here to play with them.

Twisting the game of strategy, FPS Chess adds a proper fight for the pieces. Traditionally chess games only let you bump the pieces and then send them out of the checkerboard. But this lets you shoot the opponent till they break into pieces. Even making it possible to defend your pieces from the doom. Shiny Pieces in FPS Chess give us the Pawns that can spawn duplicates who replicate their movements. And has a different fighting style than the normal Pawns of the game. Shiny Pawns use swords and throw them to damage the enemy pieces.

Pawns are not the only piece with unique moves in the Shiny version. All pieces like Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, and King have unique abilities. Allowing you to rapid-fire burst bolts, see the enemy through walls, switch to cannon, grab the enemy with a wimp, and so on. Now, it might seem like you have to fulfill some requirements to use these pieces, but no you only need to follow these simple steps to play with this alternate toolkit.

How to Use Shiny Pieces in FPS Chess

How to Use Shiny Pieces in FPS Chess
Screenshot by GamerTweak

At the time of writing, you can’t use Shiny Pieces in Local mode. You can create a new room with these alternate Shiny Pieces, and even join the game with it.

  • When you start the game, you’ll see the Join and Host options on opponent chairs.
  • Join and wait to find the room with Shiny Pieces.
  • Create a room using the Host option, if you don’t want to join.
  • In the Host option, you get to change the room name, set a password, use LAN, and Use Shiny Pieces.
  • Tick the Use Shiny Pieces? (Alternate Toolkits) and then press Create Room.
  • It will launch the board with Shiny Pieces.

How to Check Moves of Shiny Pieces

You can check Shiny or any other piece moves in the middle of the game and before starting.

  • On the main screen, beside the painting on the left is the Pieces option.
  • Go into it to learn about the moves of the pieces.
  • There you’ll see the Shiny Pieces tickbox. Tick it to see the moves of Shiny Pieces.
  • If you are in the middle of the game and want to check the moves. Press Esc and select Pieces.
  • Similar to the Pieces option of the main screen, you select the Shiny Pieces option to see their abilities.

With this, you can now get and use Shiny Pieces in FPS Chess. This twisted version of chess is fun in its own way. So you’ll find yourself wanting to learn more about it. If you do, read how to play unblocked for free and invite friends.