How To Find Shimmer In Terraria (Aether Biome Location)

Know how to get the newly introduced Liquid, Shimmer in Terraria.

Terraria is an adventure & sandbox game wherein there is no end. The game allows its player to test their creativity by crafting items required to progress further in the game. Terraria has an impressive environment that can be explored to obtain several items. Apart from this, there are Liquids in this game that has different effects when it reacts with an item. Shimmer is the newest addition to the Liquids that was added in the game’s 1.4.4 update. This glowing liquid has some magical effects that can completely change an item or character interacting with it. Although, it can not be found randomly anywhere on the map and it needs to be found. Check out this guide that features the steps to find the Shimmer in Terraria.

How to Get Shimmer in Terraria

How to find the Shimmer in Terraria
Image Source – Terraria Fandom

Shimmer is found in the new Aether Biome in the game. Aether Biomes can be found in any world that was created after the 1.4.4 update of the game. Thereafter, in order to find the Aether Biome, simply head over to the Oceanic part of the world. Upon reaching there, start digging up the ground and take a left after it begins to darken up. That is where you will find the Shimmer Liquid in Terraria.

Another way to obtain the Shimmer is by crafting a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket. It can be crafted by combining a Bottomless Water Bucket with 10x Luminite Bars at an Ancient Manipulator. Alternatively, if you have defeated the Moon Lord, you can directly throw the Bottomless Water Bucket in the Shimmer to obtain the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket. After acquiring it, you can make Shimmer Pools on your base and use them to transmute different items.

That’s how to find and get Shimmer Liquid in Terraria. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Terraria guides.