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Soul War: How To Get Shikai (Unlock Guide)

Here is how you can unlock your Shikai in Soul War.

While playing Soul War one of the first things you should do is get a Shikai. A Shikai is very important to any Soul Reaper and you might even consider them to be a Soul Reaper’s best friend. They help you in battle by giving you several abilities. But the game won’t simply hand out the method to get them. So here is how you can unlock and get a Shikai in Soul War, and how you can use it.

How to Get Shikai in Soul War

You must level up and be Rank 10 and fight any enemy while having 10% HP to unlock your Shikai in this game. The process appears simple but comes down to luck because you will need to try 10 times for getting a Shikai while having this low health. Luckily, if you are about to die or have died while trying, but you didn’t get the Shikai, then you can just press Esc + R to retry. Here is how you can unlock Shikai in this game:

  1. Start by leveling your character to rank 10 Soul Reaper. You can become a Soul Reaper after reaching rank 5 by taking the Soul Reaper Trials.
  2. Next, go to any areas where you find hollows to fight them.
  3. But instead of finishing them off, start taking hits from them head-on. Do not defend or dodge their attacks, rather let them chip away your health.
  4. Once your health gets super low, there is a 10% chance that you will unlock your Shikai.

When your Shikai is unlocking a small Dialogue plays, and after the dialogue, you get your Shikai.

How to Use Shikai

You can use Shikai for its abilities in battle or press N to meditate. Meditating allows you to go to the inner world. Make sure you pay attention to the dialogues of the Shikai. This is because in Inner World of Soul War you can interact with your Shikai in three ways:

  • Talk: You can have a conversation with your Shikai. It will ask you questions, answer them correctly to increase your reputation with it. But answering them wrong will also reduce it.
  • Fight: Beating your Shikai in a fight increases your reputation with it. But if you happen to lose then you get kicked out of the Inner World.
  • Guide: Using guide gives you a hint about the question Shikai asked you.

That covers this guide on how to Get Shikai in Soul War. Since you like playing this game you should also find our guides useful on Trello Wiki & Discord links, and all codes for Soul War.