How To Get Raiu & Scroll In Haze Piece

Looking to unlock a new sword in Haze Piece? Here is everything you need to know about getting Raiu so that you can defeat your enemies.

The Haze Piece Scroll plays an important role in unlocking the Raiu Sword. This Roblox game is inspired by the popular anime series One Piece, and along with fruits, abilities, and in-game items, it also features a ton of weapons your character can unlock.

The steps to getting these items can be complicated, as each has certain quests or enemies to defeat. To make your work a little easier, we have mentioned everything you need to know to get this Sword.

Haze Piece: How to Unlock Scroll and Raiu

Haze Piece Scroll - How To Get Raiu
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The steps to obtain this weapon are divided into two parts, as you can obtain the Sword only if you have the Scroll. However, you must be Level 1750 or higher before starting the process.

How to Unlock Haze Piece Scroll

To get this item, you will have to travel to the Skull Island. Once you are here, you will have to look for Shiryu. Ensure you are well-prepared to fight him, as he is a Level 1850 boss. There is a 5% chance of getting the Scroll once you have defeated him in combat. You might have to fight with him more than once to get this item.

How to Unlock Raiu Sword in Haze Piece

Once you have the Scroll, after defeating Shiryu, you will have to find the Scroll Merchant NPC, who is located near Skull Rock. He will give you this weapon if you are ready to trade with him. He will ask you for the Scroll and $75,000. If you are ready to give up these items for the Sword, you can accept his offer and get Raiu.

Raiu Sword Moves in Haze Piece

All the trouble you will have to go through to get this weapon is worth it as it is one of the most useful and powerful weapons you can own. Here are a few moves you can unlock:

  • Bloody Barrage (Stat Lvl 50)
  • Crimson Dash (Stat Lvl 150)

This is everything you need to know about Haze Piece Scroll and Unlocking Raiu. You can check out how to get all Swords and Electro Fighting Style Locations. If you like this game, go through our Roblox section and find guides on your favorite games here on Gamer Tweak.