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Ninja Tycoon: How To Get Ryo

Looking to get some Ryo in Ninja Tycoon? This guide has the answers you are looking for.

Ninja Tycoon is a popular tycoon game with Naruto characters. Unlike your usual tycoon games, this game lets you do boss fights. And another unique feature about this game is it has two different currencies. The first is cash and the other is Ryo. Unlike cash, you retain Ryo even after you leave the game, and it can be used to purchase items from Ryo Shop. So in this guide let us take a look at how to get Ryo in Ninja Tycoon.

How to Get Ryo in Ninja Tycoon

how to get ryo in ninja tycoon

  1. First, play the game to get some cash. You can start by claiming your tycoon mode to earn some cash.
  2. Once you claim it, do clicks and upgrade your tycoon with the help of cash. Another way to get some cash is by taking money from other people’s tycoons.
  3. Once you have enough cash go to the shop and buy various weapons and Jutsus.
  4. You can use these weapons and Jutsus in the boss fights. Remember that bosses have a 10% chance of dropping scrolls. That means you will get scroll once for every ten boss battles.
  5. Jigan & The Tenth Beast have a 100% chance of dropping scrolls. That means you are guaranteed to get scrolls for defeating them.
  6. Once you defeat a boss you will get scrolls below are the bosses and the chance of you getting Ryo from their drops. They are ordered from best to worst in terms of droping scrolls.
    • Tenth Beast
    • Jigan
    • Coldjason
    • Kaguyai
    • Nadara
    • Juubito
    • Pain
    • Oroshimaro
    • Mizouki
    • Reanimated Ninja
    • Rogue Ninja

If you follow the above steps and keep defeating difficult bosses you can stack up on Ryo in no time.

That sums up this guide on how to get Ryo in Ninja Tycoon. If you like playing this game then check our guide on ninja tycoon codes and also check our other Roblox guides.