Coin Master: What Happens When You Get Raided?

The crux of Coin Master is to collect as many coins and spins as you can. As coins and spins are the only ways you can progress through villages and enjoy the benefits of the game. But what happens when you get raided in Coin Master? In this guide, we have explained in detail what are the effects of being on the other side of raids in Coin Master. Check out our guide and learn more.

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What happens when you Get Raided in Coin Master?

get Raided in Coin Masters

It is annoying when you get raided in Coin Master. The amount of coins that you have collected are at a risk of being looted. However, the good thing is that not all of coins can be stolen.

Only a specific percentage of your total coins is given out as loot. The amount is displayed under your name and if the opponent manages to pull off a perfect raid, you lose the whole displayed amount.

Luckily, you still have a certain amount of gold safe. This provision of the game keeps you from being bankrupt. However, you can always recover the stolen amount by attacking and raiding villages of other opponents.

What are Raids in Coin Master?

If you land on 3 pig faces while spinning on the spinner, you get a chance to conduct raids in Coin Master. In this scenario, players get 3 chances to dig out gold from the opponents village.

You will get 3 shovels to search for gold from 4 spots. On the screen, you will see the spots marked for you with an X. One of the 4 spots contains no coins. If you manage to get gold in all of your 3 chances, you get a perfect raid.

Now you know what happens when you get raided in Coin Master. If you found this guide helpful, check out more such guides on Coin Master right here on Gamer Tweak.