Terraria: How To Get Pumpkins

Here's how to get Pumpkins and craft items in Terraria.

Terraria is an adventure sandbox game wherein players are required to complete the story quests. Apart from this, the game features life simulation-Esque activities like cooking, mining, fishing, etc. One such common activity in any life-sim game including Terraria is crafting. Players can craft various items and progress further in the game. However, crafting items requires some ingredients so that they can be processed further using a crafting station to make a finished product. Apart from various other ingredients, a Pumpkin is used for making a lot of items. If you are having a hard time figuring out how to get your hands on Pumpkins, then this guide is for you. Check out this guide to know how to get Pumpkins in Terraria.

How to Get Pumpkins in Terraria

How to get Pumpkins in Terraria

During Oktoberfest or Halloween seasonal events, Pumpkins grow naturally on the ground and can be found anywhere randomly. Although, you can grow Pumpkins yourself by growing them using Pumpkin Seeds. In order to get a Pumpkin seed, simply head over and interact with Dryad. For those who don’t know, Dryad is an NPC that sells all varieties of seeds and appears only after you have defeated any boss. Coming back to the topic, Pumpkin Seeds can be bought from Dryad for 250x Coins. Thereafter, you need to have at least 2×2 blocks (2x height & 2x width) width clear while planting a Pumpkin in Terraria. Further, keep in mind that Planter Boxes & Clay Pots can not be used to grow Pumpkins.

  • Here’s the list of items you can craft with Pumpkin as an ingredient in Terraria:
Ingredients Finished Product Crafting Station
Pumpkin 2x Pumpkin Platform Hands
10x Pumpkin Pumpkin Work Bench Hands
10x Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie Furnace
4x Pumpkin and 4x Torch, Chain Pumpkin Chandelier Iron or Lead Anvil
30x Pumpkin, 5x Ectoplasm, and 10x Hallowed Bar Pumpkin Moon Medallion Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil
14x Pumpkin Pumpkin Bathtub Sawmill and Shimmer Transmutation
15x Pumpkin and 5x Silk Pumpkin Bed Sawmill and Shimmer Transmutation
20x Pumpkin and 10x Book Pumpkin Bookcase Sawmill and Shimmer Transmutation
10x Pumpkin, 6x Glass, and 3x Any Iron Bar Pumpkin Clock Sawmill and Work Bench
16x Pumpkin Pumpkin Dresser Sawmill and Work Bench
15x Pumpkin, 4x Bone, and a Book Pumpkin Piano Sawmill and Work Bench
5x Pumpkin and 2x Silk Pumpkin Sofa Sawmill
6x Pumpkin Pumpkin Toilet Sawmill
4x Pumpkin and a Torch Hanging Jack ‘O Lantern Shimmer Transmutation
6x Pumpkin and a Torch Jack ‘O Lantern Shimmer Transmutation
12x Pumpkin and 4x Torch Jackelier Shimmer Transmutation
30x Pumpkin Pumpkin Breastplate Shimmer Transmutation
5x Pumpkin and 3x Torch Pumpkin Candelabra Shimmer Transmutation
4x Pumpkin and a Torch Pumpkin Candle Shimmer Transmutation
4x Pumpkin Pumpkin Chair Shimmer Transmutation
8x Pumpkin and 2x Any Iron Bar Pumpkin Chest Shimmer Transmutation
6x Pumpkin Pumpkin Door Work Bench
20x Pumpkin Pumpkin Helmet Work Bench
3x Pumpkin and a Torch Pumpkin Lamp Work Bench
6x Pumpkin and a Torch Pumpkin Lantern Work Bench
25x Pumpkin Pumpkin Leggings Work Bench
6x Pumpkin and a Water Bucket Pumpkin Sink Work Bench
8x Pumpkin Pumpkin Table Work Bench
Pumpkin 4x Pumpkin Wall Work Bench

That’s how to get Pumpkins in Terraria. If you found this guide helpful, then make sure to check out our other Terraria guides.