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The Callisto Protocol Trophy Guide: How To Get Platinum

Check out how you can get all trophies in The Callisto Protocol (Platinum Trophy & More).

Every player over the globe is waiting for The Callisto Protocol to be released. The initial release date is scheduled for December 2, 2022. In this game, you’ll come across various dangerous creatures that’ll surely give you a hard time now and then. Here your main aim will be to survive and get past all the horrifying creatures. However, in this journey, you’ll also be getting various trophies for the things you do. Apart from the Gold, Silver, & Bronze trophy every player already has their eye on the Platinum one. If you are also wondering how you can get this trophy in the game, then we have got you covered. In this Callisto Protocol Trophy Guide, we’ll help you get the Platinum ones easily.


How to Get Platinum Trophy in The Callisto Protocol?

How to Get Platinum Trophy in The Callisto Protocol

The requirement to get the Platinum Trophy in The Callisto Protocol is to collect all the trophies in the game. As easy as it may sound, it isn’t, there is a sum of 27 trophies that you’ll be required to collect to get the Platinum one. Unlike other trophy tiers, Platinum only has only 1 Trophy known as It’s over, Jacob! However not all are visible at first, most of them are hidden. So as soon as the game arrives make sure you start grinding quickly to collect all of them. If you are unaware of the rest of them, then don’t worry. For your reference, we have mentioned all The Callisto Protocol trophies in the article below.

List of All Trophies

Here we have mentioned the list of Platinum, Gold, Silver, & Bronze trophies and how you can get them in The Callisto Protocol.

Tier Trophies How To Get
Platinum It’s over, Jacob! Collect all the trophies
Gold I Do Belong Here Complete the game (Any Difficulty)
You Need a Gun Max out one weapon
The Protocol is About Life Complete the game (Maximum Security Difficulty)
Grim Reaper Harvest & read all the implant bios
The Commonality Solve the Mystery of Kallipolis
Two Heads Are Better Than One Defeat Two Head
In Striking Distance Kill any creature with GRP & Melee Combo
Silver Get a Grip Grab 25 enemies with GRP
Terminated Defeat security robot
Paper Jams Print a weapon for the 1st time
Reforged Print 1 weapon upgrade
Giving Back Stab 5 blind enemies in the back
Float Like A Butterfly  Dodge five times perfectly
Flesh Wound Use melee or ranged weapons to destroy arms off enemy
Chew ‘Em Up Defeat 10 enemies with environmental hazards
Workplace Hazard Use GRP throw enemy in environmental hazard
Bronze Mugshot Click a picture using photo mode
The Outer Way Find Outer Way boarding craft
Desperate Times Elias gives a shiv to Jacob
If the SHU Fits… Activate SHU
Without A Paddle Survive pipeslide
Crash Site Comeback to the crashed ship
In the Pipe, Five by Five Go to Hangar flight deck
Power Up Restore old facility power
What Lies Beneath Find the source
Full Circle Get thrown back in to the original cell

That sums up everything about the guide to get the Platinum Trophy in The Callisto Protocol easily. If you play such games more often, then check out other Video Game guides for more tips & tricks.